Rising Kashmir

Winter brings a possess afflictions in Kashmir. The sleet has already caused repairs value cores of rupees. Orchards have been lame and it will take some years to cover a loss, obtuse time if a supervision sticks to a service plan. Snow and cold are not a usually elements to put off a administration as good as people. The augmenting series of glow incidents in winter months is also a means of fear and worry. In a final few years, fires have consumed residential and blurb properties, caused critical repairs to life and upheld on though sketch any critical attention. With dozens of shops gutted and homes intended any year, a officials and a people should have drawn lessons. Unfortunately they haven’t as fires in Kashmir around this time are usually a hint away. The repairs caused by glow incidents is irreparable. The trance creates us forget a burning scenes that we spy in awe. Unfortunately not many advisories are released by a authorities on glow hazards that are expected to boost in a subsequent integrate of months in a valley. If we miss in a prevention, we are no good possibly in a control. Fire and Emergency Services (JK), determined some-more than a century ago, did not grow as it should have. It is not versed with a latest means or collection of glow fighting. The rambling and random growth in city and vital towns are also obliged for causing impediments. The city and city planners have not been means to safeguard a accessibility to each indentation and dilemma of a valley. Congested roads and slight lanes mostly in residential areas means delays. By a time glow tenders strech a site in undiluted localities usually remains remain. The problem could have been solved by inducting smaller trucks, though that too seems not viable in vital fires that lift obtuse volume of water. Fire reserve manners and standards are also not in practice here. Fire exits are not even deliberate while building structures. Necessary apparatus like glow extinguishers could be seen blank exclusive some supervision institutions. The network of energy lines that is confused in many of a blurb areas also poses good threat. Short circuit whenever there is sleet or sleet is firm to happen. The fires in Kashmir need to be prevented as many of a aged buildings, monuments of birthright have timber as a categorical building material. Fires can be prevented, though for that administration and a people need to be heedful.       





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