Jammu Muslim leaders accommodate girl in Doda

Jammu, Dec 04 (KMS): In assigned Kashmir, a commission of Jammu-based Muslim village members led by Maulana Shamsi during a revisit to Doda, today, met people from opposite walks of life.

The commission that visited all vital cities of Jammu segment arrived in Doda city, today, where a commission members were perceived by Master Abdur Rashid, Akhtar Hussain Dev and others.

They visited patients, generally a sister of a martyred girl in a district hospital. The commission also visited a chateau of Jammu and Kashmir Freedom Movement’s first Chairman, late Saadullah Tantray where they were perceived by Tantay’s son Naeem Ahmed and first member of Youth Forum for Justice Fayyaz Ahmed Gato, Mushtaq Rangrez and Khwaja Tariq Hussain.

Concerns were voiced over a stream conditions in Jammu and Kashmir during a meeting. Before withdrawal for Kishtwar, members of a commission met a girl in Doda and asked them to say togetherness in their ranks and files.

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