Pakistan Arrests 71-Year-Old Man in 2005 Killing of UK Woman

ISLAMABAD — A Pakistani male has been arrested in a 2005 murdering of a British lady military officer who was gunned down as she responded to a spoliation in a city of Bradford in 2005, military in a U.K. said.

The 71-year-old suspect, Piran Ditta Khan, who was taken in control progressing this week, seemed before a justice in Islamabad on Wednesday over an extradition ask from Britain. His arrests was a outcome of tighten team-work between Pakistani authorities and British detectives, military said. Khan was remanded in control and is due behind in justice after in January,

British military officer Sharon Beshenivsky, a 38-year-old mom of three, was shot and killed outward a transport group in Bradford while responding to an armed spoliation call.

Six group were after arrested in Britain though Khan, who was suspected of being a armed gang’s organizer, had fled abroad. In 2016, military in Britain released a uninformed interest for Khan who remained during vast notwithstanding a prerogative of 20,000 British pounds (about $26,000) for information heading to his arrest.

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