Tourist visa fraud traps Indian workers in violent jobs in UAE

Exploitative employers in a United Arab Emirates (UAE) are increasingly regulating traveller visas to sinecure Indian nationals in a rascal that leaves migrants open to work abuse, military and activists said.

Indian migrants on revisit visas – quicker and cheaper to obtain than work permits – are heedful of stating exploitation on a pursuit for fear of divulgence their bootleg status, they say.


The scale of a problem is opposite as revisit visas do not seem in Indian or UAE emigration or use records.

But workers, military and lawyers pronounced a use is on a arise in a republic with some-more than 3 million Indian migrants, mostly hired during brief notice to work on vast construction projects.

“Employers and recruiters have colluded and invented this revisit visa route,” pronounced Bheem Reddy, boss of a Emigrants Welfare Forum in a southern Indian state of Telangana.

Reddy’s gift estimates during slightest 10,000 migrants from a state – only one of 29 in India – have found work in a UAE carrying entered a nation on revisit visas given Jul final year.

A direct for short-term workers in a run-up to large events such as Dubai’s Expo 2020 universe satisfactory in Oct has serve fuelled a scam, a United Nations central pronounced on condition of anonymity.

No workers’ rights

Indian emigration into a Gulf has been solid for decades though regulating traveller visas to abuse workers is new, activists say.

Anuradha Vobbilisetty, who works on migrant work cases in Dubai courts, pronounced she had upheld about 270 workers on traveller visas given 2018 who had not been entirely paid.

Whereas work permits are released by embassies and leave a paper trail, revisit visas are sole by hotels and airlines, giving workers no rights and pardon employers from all responsibility.

“Their passports were taken by agents during a airfield itself, they didn’t get paid for months,” Vobbilisetty said.

“But they continued operative though salaries as they feared angry about operative illegally,” she said, adding that 227 of a workers finished adult being paid after a military stepped in.

The series of complaints done by Indian migrant workers opposite recruiters relating to jobs abroad tripled to some-more than 600 between 2016 and 2019, according to supervision data.

Many Indian workers in a Gulf – from cleaners to builders – contend they have oral to a supervision and charities about abuses from self-denial salary and debt subjugation to torture.

Scared to pronounce out

More than a third of a UAE’s purebred 8 million migrant workers were Indian nationals as of 2017, a latest United Nations information shows.

Yet a series of Indians going to a UAE, during slightest officially, has forsaken due to an mercantile break and a rising use of revisit visas, India’s outmost affairs method has said.

India‘s consul ubiquitous in Dubai – a UAE’s many populous city – pronounced workers regulating a central channel are stable as sum of a employer and a recruitment representative are recorded.

UAE embassy officials in India pronounced they had no record of migrants operative in a nation after entering on revisit visas.

Some smaller employers cut corners and save costs with a revisit visas, pronounced Sureshkumar Madhusudanan of a Federation of Overseas Recruitment Associations of India, an powerful group.

Many employers also use revisit visas to sinecure workers fast afterwards modify them to work permits, according to activists.

Mohammad Pasha lodged a military censure in Telangana final Nov opposite a pursuit representative who organised a supermarket pursuit for him in Dubai on a revisit visa.

When asked by military during Mumbai airfield if he was going for work, Pasha lied and pronounced he was sightseeing as a recruiter pronounced he risked jail if a authorities detected a truth.

Pasha pronounced he worked 16-hour days though overtime and was paid 800 dirhams ($218) monthly, not a 1,000 betrothed – though his employer warned him to keep quiet.

“They pronounced we would be behind bars if we spoke up,” he pronounced by phone from Telangana. “I wanted to proceed a work justice though we was frightened as we was operative illegally on a revisit visa.”

After 3 months in Dubai, Pasha collected adequate income to fly home. Telangana military pronounced they had arrested a representative and his confederate – who had got Pasha a pursuit and his visa – for rascal and launched awareness-raising campaigns in villages.

“We are revelation them (would-be migrants) that these (visit) visas are opposite from pursuit visas,” pronounced officer Upender Reddy.

Bheem Reddy, of a Emigrants Welfare Forum, questioned either Indian authorities were being observant adequate when examining migrants withdrawal a nation to work abroad.

“It is manifest either they are genuine tourists or going for employment,” he said. “A visibly bad jack-of-all-trades going in slippers for tourism … how is this being allowed?

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