Modi invoked Nuremberg-like laws to keep Kashmir underneath subjugation: AJK President

Muzaffarabad, May 23 (KMS): Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has pronounced that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to mislay each pitch of insurgency by commanding Nazi-style laws in sequence to change a demography of assigned Kashmir though a sacrifices rendered by Junaid Sehrai, Tariq Ahmad and 12 years aged Yasim Ijaz would never go in vain.

“India can't change a standing of a Indian assigned Jammu and Kashmir, that was a doubtful domain underneath UNSC fortitude by commanding colonial laws and silencing a voices of dissent,� Masood Khan pronounced while reacting on a aroused occurrence in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

In a matter released in a state’s metropolis, a AJK boss pronounced floating adult of 17 residential units to kill dual girl in Nawakal area of Srinagar reveals acerbity and audacity of Modi. He warned that if a Indian designs were not undone today, it will repeat a same practice in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir also.
While commenting on a misfortune Indian brutalities, a AJK boss pronounced a doormat Indian Army miss a bravery to quarrel a Pakistan Army. That was since he confirmed that a function infantry boat into homes of overpowered people and trounce women and children, and if a girl offer resistance, they were announced mujahids and secessionists and afterwards possibly killed or put behind a bars.
He pronounced India had undone to comprehend that a people of assigned Jammu and Kashmir were not prepared to accept a actions of 5 Aug 2019, Hindutva philosophy, wrong charge and re-occupation of Kashmir by India.
He pronounced underneath a clothe of COVID-19, India had let lax a power of apprehension opposite a Kashmiri people, though these tricks can't deter a Kashmiri people from their idea since they will never accept anything reduction than their independence.
About arising dwelling certificates to non-Kashmiri subjects, a AJK boss asserted that these laws were designed to announce a Indian Hindus as a state subjects in sequence to destroy a Muslim entity of Kashmir, and to spin Muslim infancy into a minority.
Paying loyalty to tip Hizbul mujahideen commander, Junaid Sehrai, and his associate, Tariq Ahmed for charity a autarchic scapegoat of their lives for a leisure of their motherland, President Khan pronounced all a martyrs and their sacrifices were an item for a ransom movement. He reiterated a Kashmiris’ solve to accomplish a goal of their martyrs during all costs.
He called on a general village quite a UN Security Council and a OIC to take notice of a Indian attempts to gibe a doubtful standing of Kashmir and play their purpose in ensuring replacement of internationally famous right of self-determination of a Kashmiri people.


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