Kadfeen pitches for opposite account to BJP’s hatred politics

‘These wild elements should be sensitive that India is not all about them’

Srinagar, Jul 27 : Congress personality Kadfeen Choudhary has pronounced a approach in that a BJP led management is bulldozing a approved beliefs is worrisome to a core and that there contingency be a opposite account to this hatred building anywhere that could hindrance it and tell these wild elements that India is not all about them.
In a matter issued, Kadfeen pronounced that it was worrisome to find that a poison is being widespread even to those areas where communities have been vital really peacefully in peace for centuries and it is utterly hapless that Muslim village is being pushed towards a wall with targeted assault in a form of lynchings, threats and intimidations holding toll. “In BJP’s insane rush for saffronizing a country, a left-wing groups are indeed perplexing to mangle it adult and this contingency be resisted by all receptive and lucid elements of a country. A mindset being exhibited by BJP leaders quite is really dangerous and can be really damaging to a firmness of a country,” Kadfeen said, adding that a opposite account is indispensable to this hatred and these wild elements should be sensitive that India is not all about them.

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